In today’s marketplace, brand marketing needs to be more creative, impactful, and clearer to cut through the noise. Promotional products often are the most direct and tangible means of connecting with employees, clients and consumers. We help you do this while respecting your budget.

Support your Brand or Event

You worked hard and most likely paid a bit to develop your brand or event. The last thing you need is the wrong colour, size and placement. We are master of the details and guarantee your satisfaction. End of story!!

We can source ANYTHING

Thredz can also help you find or create almost anything. To date our strangest job was building a branded outhouse for the a race in Canmore. We will find the best product options for your business or event by consulting with you Our experience makes it easy to create a consistent and professional look for your company or event , that adds value to your brand in the marketplace.

exceed your expectations

Our goal is to keep it simple, even if the task at hand is usually complex and multi-facetted. From meeting your budget and deadlines to keeping you in the loop as we work through the program. We want you to exceed your expectations so you can be our ambassadors.


We are so much more than just the people who print your shirts or make your pens. Thredz is there to support you in the process of making sure your brand is at the forefront of your employees and clients thoughts thru well executed planning.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

– Jeff Bezos

Jeff, from a little company called Amazon, is right. Make an impression by catapulting your brand thru well placed marketing.

Looking for some Branding Tools?

Click the link below to be sent over to our Catalogues page where we have set aside a ton of options for you to see what is out there for your company to utilize.

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